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在移动O2O领域,可为客户提供成熟的解决方案,覆盖各个商业领域的移动社交营销需求,为线下企业打造移动O2O平台,帮助用户打通线上线下,将移动用户带到线下体验。上千套小程序模版、电商系统、企业官网供您选择。 坚持精工制作,尽善尽美,做到把握每一个细节,不断创新,提升品质;并坚持以客户需求为导向,以客户满意为标准,为企业一同打造优秀的互联网产品!

Sichuan Yat Chuang advertising Printing Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai design brand design Co., Ltd.) is committed to providing reliable Internet + technology services for enterprises. Aiming at the slow Internet start-ups, finding difficult technical partners, and transforming traditional industries, it will help solve the technical problems faced by enterprises in the early stage of entrepreneurship and enterprise transformation and provide depth in the perspective of entrepreneurial partners. Develop services. In the field of mobile O2 O, it can provide mature solutions for customers, cover the needs of mobile social marketing in various business areas, build a mobile O2 O platform for offline enterprises, help users connect online and offline, and bring mobile users to offline experience. Thousands of small program templates, e-commerce systems and enterprise official websites are available for your choice. Insist on Seiko production, perfect, to grasp every detail, constantly innovate, improve quality; and adhere to customer demand-oriented, customer satisfaction as the standard, to create excellent Internet products for enterprises together!